Interesting Courses After 12Th Bsc Forensic Science Artificial Intelligence Software Development

Let us discuss few interesting & in trend courses you can opt after your 12th Science. Among many career paths, today we would have some focus on few sure success career goals, although you need to do do Graduation first in science then opt for specialization on particular goal path. 

We would discuss step wise or we can say goal wise how to proceed for graduation (Like subject wise etc) then for specialization field.

1) Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence is the advance technology by which we are making the the machines to think and decide any task and to complete that specific task like human being.
Another name of Artificial Intelligence in Machine Intelligence, by this machine can talk and act like human being and can complete any difficult task very easily & quickly. Google, Alexa and Siri etc are some good examples of it.
Presently many sectors are taking Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools etc for their work to complete, which creates a huge demand for the young professional for running & up gradation of AI system.
So, if you are a science student then with some little effort you can be handsome income holder in the field of AI.
A lady instructing robot to raise hand

 Career Path

You can do B Tech in Computer Science or Electronics and communication then go for doing M Tech in Artificial Intelligence.
You can do Post Graduation diploma or certification course in AI after doing B Tech
You need to have knowledge of Programming languages like Hadoop, Python, Java, Data Analyst, Big data Analyst, Machine Learning etc.
  • Advance Certificate Course in Artificial Intelligence/ Machine learning
  • B Tech in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning)
  • M Tech in Artificial Intelligence
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad
  • Netaji Subash University of Technology, New Delhi
  • India Institute of Science, Bengaluru
  • Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, New Delhi

2) Forensic Science

This is a very interesting field of science where you would study about testings (Biological, Chemical etc) to catch the criminal, testings of the objects etc we get from the crime place.

As in today’s world crime is increasing day by day which increases the demand of professionals (or we can say Forensic Experts) in the field of Forensic Science.

You will find opportunity in both Government & Pvt organisation as forensic expert. In Government Sector you can be part of Intelligence Bureau, Central bureau of Investigation, Crime cell of State Police, Lab assistance in Central or state forensic labs. You can be forensic expert in Private detective company. You can also choose your career as Forensic science teacher.

Hand print foot print for investigation

Career Path:-

After completing 12th with Science stream (Must be bio Science) you can do graduation in Forensic Science. After doing graduation you can do one year diploma course in Forensic science or criminology.

Or If you aim to do higher studies like Masters, PhD then you must have graduated with minimum 60% marks by choosing any one or more of the subjects mentioned here

Physics/Chemistry/Zoology/Botany/Bio Chemistry/ Micro Biology/B.Pharma/Applied Science

If you want to be forensic specialist then you must do MBBS degree first then MD in Forensic Science.


  • National Institute of Criminology and Forensic Science, New Delhi
  • Central Forensic Science Laboratory, Hyderabad
  • Central Forensic Science Laboratory, Chandigarh
  • Institute of Forensic Science, Mumbai
  • Department of Criminology & Forensic Science, Sagar University
  • BSc Forensic Science
  • Diploma in forensic Science & Criminology
  • Diploma in Forensic Science & Law
  • Msc in Criminology & Forensic Science
  • Msc is Cyber forensic and information Security
  • MA criminology and Criminal Justice
3) Software Development
With the advancement of technology software development becomes very popular among young generation, also this is a very rich career builder. Every year approx 20,000 students getting entered in various courses in this field like diploma, under graduate & post graduate. as per GitHub among 26.8 million software developer in world 5.8 million are Indian.
A person operating computer and doing some coding work


  • Full Stake Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Desktop Developer
  • Mobile Developer
  • Graphics Developer
  • Game Developer
  • Big Data Developer
  • Security Developer
Apart from this you can be a freelancer or an entrepreneur who can bag jobs from clients complete, deliver & get good income out of it.
Career Path:- 
After 12th in Science Stream ( Mathematics Must) you go for doing graduation in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Data Science/Mathematics, Information Technology.
You must have good command on software like  Java, Python, C++ etc.

  • Advanced certificate in Full stake Software development
  • B Tech Software Engineering
  • ME , M Tech Software Engineering
  • M Tech Integrated Software Engineering
  • Indian Institute Of Technology – Roorkee, Madras, Kanpur
  • BITS, Pilani
  • Delhi Technological University ,DTU, New Delhi
  • BIT, Vellor
Hope above given courses would catch your attraction and you might choose any of the field to make your future career apart from these courses their are many more courses available which we definitely discuss time to time in future.


Q1. What is B.Sc forensic science?
 Please refer the blog for your answer

Q2. बीएससी फोरेंसिक साइंस क्या है?
कृपया ब्लॉग रेफेर करे 

Q3. Is B.Sc forensic science a good career?
Yes it’s one of the best career although scope are limited but exceptional.

Q4.Do we need NEET for forensic science?
No, NEET is required for taking admission in forensic science

Q5. Which B.Sc course has highest salary?
After completing Bsc Physics you will get highest salary.

Q6. Which is better B Pharm or forensic science?
B Pharma has more scope than Forensic science as after completion of B Pharma you can be hired by any Medicine company for production, quality, sales etc or you can be drug inspector or you can open up your own medicine shop etc.
Q7. क्या मैं 12वीं के बाद बीएससी फॉरेंसिक साइंस की पढ़ाई कर सकता हूं?
हां जरूर, और ध्यान रखे आपको 12th में साइंस रहना आबयश्यक हैं 

Q8.आप फोरेंसिक डॉक्टर कैसे बनते हैं?
कृपया ब्लॉग रेफेर करे 

Q9.Is forensic science best for girls?
We can say Forensic science is primarily for girls, and girls are more succeeded in this field

Q10. What is the highest package of B.Sc forensic?

12 LPA

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