Solar Energy Soil Science Bsc Forestry

Global warming & environment change faced by our mother Earth brings challenges in front of us to save or ways to protect from harms which causes fatal to our earth.

So, it brings career option to students to choose which makes them professional to save our mother earth. So if you love mother Earth and have passion to save then their are many career options by opting which you can make yourselves proud professionals.

Career Options are

1) Solar Energy    2) Soil Science    3) Bsc Forestry

1) Solar Energy

With the advancement of technology, India’s contribution towards generation of Solar Energy is increasing year by year. India is working on Increasing Solar Energy production & productivity by implementing latest technologies. So the career prospects & professionals requirements in this field is increasing.

  • Solar Panel Installation   
  • Solar Engineering 
This two are most famous career most of the students opting. In solar panel installation course you will learn how solar panels being installed in houses, offices, industries or for any power projects.
On the other hand Solar Engineering gives you knowledge regarding selection & designing of the devices etc for a particular requirement or project.
Two Men Installing Solar Panel
Courses :- 
  • PG Diploma in Solar Renewable Energy
  • Diploma in Solar Technology
  • Certificate course in Solar Technology
  • Solar Business Entrepreneurship
  • Solar Technician
  • Business associate program
  • Online certificate course in Solar power system
  • Solar Panel Installation certification course
Institutions: –
  • Indian Institute of Solar Energy, Mumbai
  • Institute of Solar Energy, Gurugram
  • National Power training institute, Gujarat
  • Institute of Solar Energy, Gandhinagar
  • National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology, Kalikut.
Career /Jobs :-
  • Manager Purchase ( Solar products)
  • Solar Engineer
  • Technical Head Solar
  • Solar project Design Engineer
  • Solar Project Manager
  • Solar Plant Technician
  • Solar Plant Manager
Apart from this you can make your career as entrepreneur by winning Government/Private contracts on solar projects. Giving solutions to house & mid/big size offices, Industries, Industrial or housing projects etc.

2) Soil Science

The Challenges comes in Soil Management brings requirement to learn Soil Science. Soil is infinite source of minerals and nutrition for the plants. Many Micro organisms, animals are living in Soil. Soil Science brings us the knowledge of generation of particular soil type development & geographical distribution etc.
By learning soil Science you will develop a great career.
A man doing testing of the soil in agriculture land

  • B Sc in (Soil Science/Agriculture/Agronomy/Agricultural Chemistry/Agricultural Extension/ Agricultural Economics/Agricultural Botany/Agricultural Engineering)
  • Master’s in Soil science – you can do after taking above degrees & then PhD 
  • Indian Council for Agricultural Research
  • Indian Institute of Soil and water conservation, Dehradun
  • Indian Institute of soil science, Bhopal
  • Calcutta University, Kolkata
  • Soil Scientist
  • Soil Conservationist
  • Soil Analyst/Soil Surveyor/Soil Development consultant
  • Ecologist
  • Soil conservation technician
  • Soil Laboratory technician
  • Professor/Asst professor/lecturer who can teach soil science
  • Lab or production in charge/manager for fertilizer manufacturing companies
Apart from the above you can make your career as entrepreneur by doing agriculture with modern techniques and earn handsome money. Open up your own fertilizer or seeds company etc.

3) Bsc Forestry 

Study of Forestry includes Extension of forest area, increase of forest productivity and to enrich environment by forest production, also we can say managing, using and conserving forests, trees and associated resources like animals, mountains, falls, rivers etc.
A girl doing survey in forest


  • B Sc by taking any honors or (Environment Science/Forestry)
  • M Sc in (/plantation forestry/Agro Forestry/Ecology/Bio Diversity/Forest Hydrology/wood science and technology/Climate Change/Wildlife Conservation)
  • PhD
  • Indian Institute of Forest management, Bhopal
  • Forest research Institute, Dehradun
  • Dr.Yaswant Singh Parmar university of Horticulture and Forestry, Solan
  • College of Horticulture and Forestry, Imphal
  • Agriculture University, Kota
  • Forest Ranger
  • Forest Officer
  • Natural Resource Technician
After doing BSc Forestry you are eligible to sit for IFS ( Indian Forest Services Examination) passing of which makes you Forest Officer.

So, Youngsters hope this post helpful to give you a clear picture to help you choosing your career path.
Looking ahead to see you as our “Mother Earth Protector”

Q1. What is the scope of B.Sc forestry? 
It will create career opportunity to work in wildlife sanctuaries, 
National Parks, Forest departments etc 
Q2. Does B.Sc forestry need NEET?
No, Not Necessary

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